Los Hermanos – Thriving Together As Family

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Los Hermanos Mexican Grill Is Not Simply Thriving, They’re Thriving Together As A Family


It’s a word that comes up often when you’re around – or even talk to someone who’s been around – the Los Hermanos crew.


It’s quite common to hear something like, “They’re such a cool, hard-working family!”


Originally from Mexico, the Correa family is known for their delicious, authentic food with heaping portions and warm hospitality. They prepare the food they serve fresh every day. And according to Patricia, the Clarksville location GM, her brothers have their daily prep so dialed in, there’s almost never any food to spare at the end of the day. And they dish all this daily-freshness up to customers as if they were serving guests at family dinner.

Los Hermanos staff and Correa family first ribbon cutting at Clarksville TN location

Los Hermanos Clarksville, TN was an… accident?

Los Hermanos Mexican Grill Featuring Fresh Fish and Mariscada Chica

The Correas opened up their mexican restaurant in Clarksville, a bit by happenstance. After deciding to leave the bustle of Nashville and moving to the Dickson area, the Correa siblings began throwing the idea around of starting a restaurant together. They were older, had saved up some money, and were inspired.

The idea has since proved to be a golden one.

After some research, they found a property here in Clarksville up on Ft. Campbell and decided to scope it out to see if it would fit their needs and budget.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


There are 5 brothers in the Correa family – Adan, Juan, Ruben, Adrian and Luis – so they decided on the name of “Los Hermanos”, which means “brothers”.


We recently had the opportunity to chat with Patricia Correa, the youngest daughter of the family and current General Manager of the Clarksville location.


“We’re a family, and we do pretty much everything as a family,” Patricia said. “And really, we feel like Clarksville is our family, because we have been shown so much love and support from so many, and have gotten to know a lot of great people.”

Los Hermanos Mexican Grill Clarksville TN Voted Best Mexican In Montgomery County

Driving Thru To A Thriving Success

Los Hermanos Mexican Grill Clarksville TN Super Burrito

When the shutdown crisis hit in Spring of 2020, Los Hermanos Mexican Grill here in Clarksville – like many businesses – had to adapt quickly or face a grim future.


Since Patricia’s dad and brother had some experience in construction, they decided to create a drive-thru window so they could continue to serve their customers and survive as a family.


“Our loyal customers know we are family-owned, so they continued to show us support in a big way, which we are so grateful for – they really came through for us”, Patricia said.

The drive-thru option was so well received in fact that many customers were coming through several times per day getting meals, grabbing drinks, you name it.


The changing business regulations meant they were also able to serve up their in-demand margaritas via drive-thru, which made a lot of people happy.


Los Hermanos Mexican Grill Birria Tacos in Clarksville TN
Los Hermanos Famous Margaritas and Margarita Tower in Clarksville TN

I mean, when you’re on lockdown at home in the midst of a national crisis, what’s better than a drive-thru margarita?


Being able to adapt and continue to serve customers during the crisis allowed them to not only survive, but enabled them to thrive.

Teamwork & Dedication To Hard Work

Through their teamwork and dedication as a family serving the needs and demands of the Clarksville community, they not only pulled through the 2020 shutdowns, they pulled through so strongly that they were able to open a second Los Hermanos Mexican Grill location down in Columbia, in July of 2020.

And the momentum has only continued! A THIRD Los Hermanos Mexican Grill location just had its official Grand Opening this month (August 2021) down in Hohenwald.

A BIG congratulations to the Correas on all of their hard work and successes. We know the future of the “Los Hermanos family” is bright and promising, as they continue to bring their unique family flavor and hospitality to the Middle Tennessee community.


Los Hermanos Mexican Grill Location Hohenwald Authentic Mexican Dishes

The 3 Los Hermanos Mexican Grill locations in Middle Tennessee, are:


#1 – Flagship Location in Clarksville; 1302 Ft. Campbell Blvd

#2 – Second Location in Columbia; 2525 Keith Dr

#3 – Their NEW location in Hohenwald; 36 E Main St


(click each location to open in Google Maps)

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