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Greater Clarksville is here, at ClarksvilleMessenger.com. We are passionate about promoting the people and places that make up this great area. We are an independent, unaffiliated community news and media property. We choose to focus on the often overlooked aspects of local news and information.

We’re just getting started, and the future is BRIGHT!

ClarksvilleMessenger.com is a property of MulsonMedia LLC, a boutique digital marketing and design agency in Clarksville, TN. Our goal is to support community businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them incorporate digital media into their marketing programs in ever-expanding and exciting ways.

Our commitment to educate and inform on the latest trends and techniques allows our clients and advertisers to stay in touch with the ever changing dynamics of technology.

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Our local directory is the premier online directory for Montgomery County. It’s designed to provide valuable local information in a way that’s helpful for online consumers. The directory generates leads for our clients and offers a visual representation of the Greater Clarksville area for visitors around the world.

Fearless Leaders

Epic things start with small, humble steps.

Jordan & Rebecca Mulson

Jordan & Rebecca Mulson

Directors Of Many Hats

We moved to Clarksville in the Fall of 2018 and it’s felt like we’ve always been here; home.

We’ve fallen in love with Clarksville and all the hidden little gems we’ve found. Our goal with TCM is to share our love of the area with others and banner the businesses and people that make this area so great.

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