Royal Indian Cuisine – Clarksville’s NEW Hot Spot For Authentic Indian Food

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Royal Indian Cuisine on Madison Street Has Quickly Become A Beloved Spot By Many Locals and Travelers

Royal Indian Cuisine is located at 2365 Madison St, in the Walmart shopping plaza. (corner of Madison & 76) They are open Tuesday through Sunday 11:30am – 2:30pm for lunch (serving their lunch buffet) and 5pm – 9:30pm for dinner.

“How are you doing since you’ve opened? Has business been good? Staying busy?”

Yes, we’ve been encouraged by all the love Clarksville has shown. Even from people who have traveled over an hour away to come to eat with us. It’s going well.

Awesome! We don’t want you to go anywhere! We want you to stay open for many years to come!”

Not only was this our conversation the first time we visited Royal Indian Cuisine, but we heard almost the exact same thing being said by others both times we’ve eaten there.

With over 240 Google Reviews sitting at an overall 4.9 rating, I’d say they are loved by many, already.

Meet The Family Behind The Flavor

Pictured above is “mom and dad” of the family, Sunny Singh (right) and his wife Rajinder Kaur. You most likely won’t see Sunny when you visit because he’ll be working hard in the kitchen cultivating flavors that you’re going to love.

Rajinder (mom) assists with service, so you’ll often get greeted by her as you’re being seated for lunch.

The family member you’ll see and interact with most during the lunch hours is Mani. He’s a delight of a gentleman and is eager to answer questions about dishes on the buffet while making sure your experience is a great one.

At lunchtime, Mani will most likely be the one to greet you at the door and escort you to your table.

During dinner, his brother Lucky and sister Jyoti are serving in the dining area as well. Monu is the other son in the family and assists mostly in the kitchen helping Sunny prepare and cook.

The Food (Lunch Buffet)

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I finally made it to Royal Indian Cuisine. We’d heard some good things about it, and had seen some Clarksville locals post about it.

But when a new restaurant comes to town, especially one like an Indian restaurant which can be hit or miss, especially one serving a lunch buffet, it’s smart to be a little apprehensive.

We are definitely lovers of flavorful foods, so there was no stopping us from “risking it” and giving this new Indian lunch buffet a shot.

SPOILER ALERT: This place is flavortown!

If you’re only ever used to American food, even if it’s Americanized ethnic food, food with powerful flavors or “unusual” spices can be a bit shocking or overwhelming.

Ultimately though, my wife and I left the lunch buffet from Royal Indian Cuisine pretty disappointed.

Disappointed that we couldn’t eat more!

During our first go-round, we tried a little bit of everything. Then we tried a bit more of everything, again.

The Naan was amazing. The dipping sauces were amazing. Literally, everything we put in our mouths was delicious. My wife particularly loved the cold chickpea salad. (Surprising, right?!)

There wasn’t a single thing that was disappointing except that we got stuffed quickly and couldn’t try more.

My personal favorite was the Butter Chicken.

Truly delicious and comforting. Mild. Creamy. But oh so flavorful.


The Tandori Chicken was also tasty.

The Malai Kofta was one of the big surprises because, at sight, we thought they were meatballs. To find out it was all potato and veggie was surprising. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t meat, until I tried it! It had great flavor and texture, and even a bit of spice – heat kind of spice – which I love.

Oh, and the Mango Puddingbangarang!

If you love flavorful, delicious food and you don’t shy away from ethnic spices, you most definitely need to try Royal Indian Cuisine on Madison St. I’d recommend starting with their lunch buffet, which will allow you to try several dishes out. According to the family, they stay busiest during the evenings and particularly, the weekend evenings.

If you are a lover of authentic Indian food in general, you are going to love this place. But don’t take my word for it, put it to the test for yourself.

Royal Indian Cuisine is run by a down-to-earth, authentic Indian family who is super kind and welcoming. You literally feel like you’re a part of their home being served from their own family kitchen.

It’s a fantastic experience.

My wife and I, as well as many others like I mentioned, are already endeared fans, and we want to see this place stick around for many, many years to come.

Long live Royal Indian Cuisine!

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