Camacho’s Famous Pizza Coming To Exit 11 In Sango

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Andrew Dueñas Pizza Is Growing From In-Home Kitchen To Commercial Location (cue FandEmonium)

Andrew Dueñas Pizza

On Thursday July 8, 2021, many Facebook users got to experience a moment that will no doubt go down in Clarksville, Tennessee history.

Andrew Dueñas (the home-kitchen pizza-lottery guy) announced the location of his future pizza shop!

Exit 11 and Sango residents, REJOICE! 🎉

Camacho’s Famous will soon be blessing taste buds from their flagship location on Highway 76 just off Exit 11, almost directly across the street from Publix at Sango Square

Yes, Sango, you have been chosen worthy.


Now, if somehow this article is the first time you’re hearing about Andrew Dueñas Pizza or his new restaurant “Camacho’s Famous”, you’re probably thinking that I’m being a bit exaggerative or “over the top”.

Oh, no no no.

Let’s back up a bit…

Over the past several months in Clarksville, a secret “underground” pizza ring ignited and continually grew in demand. I’d say it was like Fight Club for pizza, except the #1 rule of this club seemed to be, “Tell all your friends about the pizza club”.


The only downfall of that “rule”, was… there was only so much weekly pizza to go around.

The man at the center of it all is Andrew Dueñas.

Dueñas grew up making pizza with his Chicago-native dad, who owned and operated a pizza place in California. That shop, called “Joe & Tony’s”, was sadly shut down by the recession in 2008.

But Andrew is keeping that family tradition alive here in Clarksville. And boy oh boy, Clarksville locals are thrilled to be the beneficiaries!

Towards the end of 2020 Andrew began selling pizza from his home kitchen to make some extra… dough. (don’t shoot me) He began selling his pies through the “Clarksville And Surrounding Areas Food Scene” Facebook group. He would take orders through a First Come/First Serve process that became affectionately known as “the pizza-lottery”.

From his home kitchen, he was able to crank out about 150 pizzas each weekend. Wednesdays were the coveted order days in the Facebook Group, and it was common for pizzas to sell out in just minutes.

The demand was legit.


So legit, in fact, that at one point Andrew had to kindly ask that anyone who’d been lucky enough to finally get a taste of his heavenly pies to wait for 2 weeks before trying to order again, in order to give newcomers the chance to try the pizza that had been unofficially dubbed across Facebook as “the best pizza in Clarksville”.

But that’s not just an unofficial catch-phrase anymore, because…

Andrew Dueñas Pizza was recently crowned WINNER of VIP Clarksville’s “Best Of The Best 2021” Reader Choice Awards for the Pizza category.

While scrolling through the feed of fans who’ve posted pics and reviews of Andrew’s pizza, here are some of the consistent punchlines noted:

“Did not disappoint!”

“It’s a MUST have!”

“Worth ALL the fanfare!”

“The most delicious pizza I’ve ever eaten.”

“Hands down the best I’ve ever had!”

 Apparently, just winning the pizza lottery can cause such a dopamine rush that, upon finally getting an order accepted back in January, one of Andrew’s fans, Donna Jo Bolton, posted…

“I FINALLY made the pizza cut!! Called my parents right away to tell them the news, my husband was ecstatic, I texted my friends… Is this what it feels like when you’re trying for a baby and finally get pregnant??”

Thought I was just puttin’ on, did you? ROFL.


Donna Jo went on to say that, after getting to actually experience the pizza, “I got to meet him, which felt like a celebrity moment. The pizza is the best I’ve ever had – no questions asked. Believe the hype.”

Customers have spoken, and they all agree

The pie stands up to the hype.

We’ve yet to see anyone contradict this.

The good news is… CAMACHO’S FAMOUS IS COMING!!

The bad news is… if you want to try the pizza you’ll have to wait until Camacho’s opens… and beat me to it. 

You know how things can go when opening a business, but the very tentative time frame for grand opening is early Fall of 2021.

We’ll see you there! (a lot, probably)

And.. an official CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew and his wife Marie from our TCM team. We’re here to support you and celebrate all your wins!

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