CHS Wildcats Volleyball Team Photo Session Reel By JHR Photography Goes Viral

“Hey, check this out! My video of this CHS Wildcats volleyball player has 4.3 million views!!”

When Jayson, owner of JHR Photography, sent us that message on Instagram, the video was in fact at 4.3 Million views. At that moment. (7:36pm on July 6th to be exact)

By the time we read the message and viewed the video the following morning, views had grown to almost 6 MILLION. At the time of this post, views are approaching 6.7 MILLION. It’s growing by THOUSANDS of views every hour. (What are the views at the time you’re reading this, right now?! Go check!!)

It’s pretty cool to have a local video, featuring Clarksville’s own CHS Wildcats Volleyball Team, go VIRAL! (You can follow the CHS Volleyball Team on Instagram, at @Clarksvillehigh_volleyball)

The video was taken from a recent photo shoot that Jayson and his team took while capturing the volleyball team photos. The video was captured by Samuel Murphy, a Tennessee wedding filmmaker; @SamuelMurphyFilm on IG. Behind the scenes on the other camera(s) with Jayson was Jeff Danault (@FastGlassCurtains on IG), capturing still photos of the volleyball team members. You can click and follow them on IG below. 👇

Jayson works with sports teams and leagues to create images and video media (like the one that went viral) to promote their sport and to help get attention. The hard work and investment that goes into these teams and the community, is often overlooked.

High School teams are almost completely funded by the parents and through community fundraising. So any exposure Jayson can help get these hard working players, parents and members, he’s all about it!

Jayson and JHR Photography are located in the newly opened The Press, located in downtown Clarksville. (which is a gorgeous and historic place that Millan Enterprises renovated – check it out)

As a former Green Beret turned entrepreneur and photographer, he’s no stranger to hard work, dedication and sacrifice. He brings that same mindset and dedication to the experiences he provides his clients.

He also manages the ISO Photo Experience channel on Instagram, where the viral video was originally posted.

You can learn more about Jayson and JHR Photography at the resources and links below.