Laurel Judd Brings Clarksville Its First Pure Sweat + Float Studio

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Pure Sweat + Float Studio Is Clarksville’s One-Stop Destination For Total Mind & Body Wellness

As with most journeys of healing and triumph… hers starts with the trauma of illness.

Laurel Judd, owner of the new Pure Sweat + Float Studio here in Clarksville, started her journey of healing back in 2019 when she discovered that she was suffering from Breast Implant Illness. The disease left her weak, depressed, feeling sick nearly all the time and fighting a myriad of symptoms that ranged from chronic fatigue and headaches to persistent joint and muscle pain.

After receiving help and insight from a close friend along with some much-needed answers from holistic and functional health practitioners, she was able to pinpoint that her root cause was in fact, Bii; Breast Implant Illness. Within days of undergoing explant surgery, many symptoms faded and she began to feel some better.

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From Passion To Purpose

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As part of her recovery and post-surgery healing, she was encouraged to begin using infrared therapy to speed up recovery time. So Laurel started infrared sauna sessions at the Pure Sweat + Float Studio in Belle Meade, and everything changed for the better. The MUCH better.

After Laurel’s third infrared sauna session, her joint pain was completely released and she began to feel significantly better. Surprised by the amazingly quick and stunning results of the infrared sauna, she then started floating. And that, was a true game changer.

Her health was so revolutionized by combining infrared sauna and float therapy at Pure Sweat + Float Studio, that she hasn’t been able to stop talking about it since.

Laurel became so passionate about the impact that Pure Sweat + Float had made in her life that SHE DECIDED TO OPEN ONE so she could share her passion with others and help them heal and become healthier and stronger too!   Now, her mission is to share the amazing and life-changing benefits of infrared and float therapy with the Clarksville and surrounding community through her brand new Pure Sweat + Float location on Madison Street in the Sango area.  

Bonus for us, Clarksville!


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Live Up. Sweat Pure.

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As of Monday November 8, 2021 Pure Sweat + Float Studio of Clarksville will officially be open for your relaxational pleasure and personal healing, with their grand opening celebration taking place on Friday November 12th. (more details below)


One of the most exciting things going on right now at Pure Sweat + Float Clarksville, I mean, aside from actually opening, is their Founding Member memberships. These Founding Member memberships are a true, one-time opportunity only offered during their initial grand opening phase.


The good news is, if you’re reading this before December 8, 2021, then you just may be able to snag yourself one of these memberships and earn yourself the title of Founding Clarksville Member. From a cost perspective, there is absolutely no better pricing available. And if you become a Founding Member, you’re always a Pure Sweat Founding Member, as long as you’re an active member.


So if you’re one who likes to get the best possible price, run, don’t walk, and snag yourself a Founding Member membership. There’s fantastic options for both single members and also package options that allow sharing if you and a partner would both like to become regulars over at PSFS Clarksville.


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However, even if you aren’t able to sign up for a Founding Membership, there are plenty of ways to make sauna and float sessions an affordable and regular part of your personal care routine.


Pure Sweat + Float offers many different types of packages to help maximize your experience and save a lil’ bit in the process, whether you’re simply looking to unwind and relax, go on a date night dual float, detox and heal from physical or emotional trauma, or lose weight and feel great.


And of course, PSFS Clarksville is thrilled to show the love to our Military, Teachers and Students with an exclusive discount of 15%. Simply present your ID and enjoy your special savings on standard packages and single visits.

Pure Sweat, Pure Service

Laurel has assembled a team [almost] as passionate about the health benefits of sweating and floating as herself. They are excited and ready to serve, educate and facilitate the Clarksville community with state-of-the-art infrared sauna and float therapy.


Leading her studio is a team that is dedicated to providing clients with a pristine and relaxing experience. Along with Laurel’s passion, the Pure Sweat + Float Clarksville team will surely help the studio grow to become one of Clarksville’s most in-demand destinations.


Plus, Pure Sweat + Float Studio of Clarksville is part of an award-winning family of Studios in the greater Nashville area. So Clarksville gets the benefits of a franchise team that has proven its dedication to excellence in the wellness industry.


So Clarksville… ENJOY your new go-to destination for mind and body wellness. You’re in great hands.

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Don’t Miss The Pure Sweat GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION On Friday November 12, 3-7pm.

It’s going to be an all-afternoon party of epic proportions full of community, support, local deals and giveaways, and entertainment.


Follow PSFS Clarksville on social AND check out there packages and memberships by clicking below. Stay updated on their exciting journey!


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