What You Should Know: Prime House Direct Truckload Sale at Tractor Supply Guthrie Hwy | PHOTOS

Post by: Jordan Mulson

August 17, 2022

If you’re considering heading to the Prime House Direct Truckload Sale at the Tractor Supply store on Guthrie Hwy, here are a few things you should know before going.

My wife and I arrived at the truckload sale on Wednesday morning at 8:30 am. The plan was to grab the 20 Ribeyes for $39.99 deal, head back home and cook some up to test the quality, and then come back to grab a more extensive package deal if it was good.

The ribeyes in that particular deal were SO THIN (see pics) that we’re surprised they are being marketed as “Ribeyes”. They were like a SLICE of steak. I certainly would NOT call them a “steak”.

Given the seemingly great ribeye deal, it still would’ve come out to roughly $8/lb. Now, if they were prime ribeyes, game on. But they were not, sadly.

PUNCHLINE: The deals have that “WOW” factor, but they can be a bit misleading.

Don’t get caught up in the marketing and start throwing money at deals before you evaluate what you’re truly getting.

According to online reviews, MANY, many people love this meat and the deals they get. However, there are also many who were not happy with their purchase because of the quality of the meat. Even more, when you average the cost down to the pound, it’s not as good as it seems on the surface. Unless you spend THOUSANDS (yes, thousands) the per-pound cost is on par with many supermarkets.

And don’t get me twisted on what I’m saying, either. I’m not telling you to avoid going. I’m just sharing my personal experience along with what I think you should be aware of before going if you decide to.

As I was inspecting the other “real” steaks that were in the truckload box deals as best I could, I was reminded of a review I read the night before, from a previous customer.

Now, the steaks are all frozen and hard as a rock. So looks can definitely be deceiving. However, as I looked at steak after steak I started noticing a consistent hazy substance that had pooled inside, along the edges and corners of the steaks. It looked like, if it was not frozen, it’d be a gooey or glue-like substance. Or at least a bit slimy. It made me think of that rubber cement I used to use in school, back in the day.

So anyway… as I was looking, my mind went back to a review I’d read the night before. (below, taken from BBB)

“…I also noticed an extremely large amount of some sort of greasy residue… film was now forming inside my mouth, kind of like grease… my saliva seemed to be grey and greasy… which took several large swishes of Listerine.”

I thought… “Could it be meat glue? Or some sort of injected fluid or broth?”

I can’t say!

But considering the stories I’ve heard and seen about the misuses of meat glue, it caused enough doubt for me to make a hard pass on getting anything at all. (just YouTube “meat glue” if this is new for you)

As for the chicken breasts, they were definitely on the small side and did not have much appeal. The chicken tenders looked great, but my kids could’ve eaten the one bag included in the box deal in just a meal or two, all by themselves.

SO… just be aware that it’s not as good as it seems. But, it also might be just what you’re looking for. Different strokes, for different folks.

It’s all about marketing and sales. You get reeled in on that “too good to be true” ribeye deal and then they hit you with the “If you get this, I’ll throw in this and this and this…” and before you know it, you’re amazed and overwhelmed with “the deal” and FOMO kicks in causing you to reach in your pocket and pull out that payment.

Our Conclusion:

Support our local farmers and buy direct from them. When you buy local, not only do you support a local farming family, you get so much more in return for your money like bones and other goodies like the liver and tongue. (for all you tacos de lengua fans out there) 😉

The guy out at the truck was pitching us a “half cow” for $2k plus fees. Ask around and you’ll find local farmers who will give you a TRUE half cow for around $1.5k or less, including all the cuts, the ground, the bones, everything. (no risk of meat glue, either)

What Clarksvillians Say:

We shared a few of the above pictures in a couple local Facebook groups, and here’s what your fellow Clarksville locals have had to say so far…

Again, do your own research and make your own judgment. It’s obvious that for many people, it’s a great deal, on great food, and they love what they get. You might too.


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