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Post by: Marin Davis

November 30, 2023

Marin Davis, Local Collaborative

Why & Who

You’ve got the idea for a business, and you’re ready to put it out to the world. Not only are they going to be asking questions about the product and how to use it, but they also want to learn even more about your story and why you started your business.

I know everyone says ‘Find Your Why’ or ‘What’s Your Why’ and it sounds overused. It doesn’t have to be. It needs to be more than a logo. You need the brand that backs up and reinforces your brand to be created first (more on this later).

Your ‘why’ can help you find your ‘who’.

Marin Davis, Local Collaborative

Start with the broad reasons for why you started.

What’s the emotion that your customers are experiencing in their current problem?

How are they going to feel when you help solve their problem?

Do those fall under the broad ideas of why you started this brand?

Make statements or combine sentences and look around for consistent words, phrases or themes.

All of those are reasons Why but we’re seeking clarity.

Now make the customers feel at home. See them. Help them. Get in front of them where they’re at so you can help them. Become their preferred brand.

Be their first choice.

Niche Down

Many people are afraid of disappointing someone and want to appeal to everyone. If you’re no different than the competition, why would they show up?

Decide what you believe and repel. Decide what you do and don’t say. Decide who you aren’t and, just as importantly, who you are.

Show up as that brand. Not as you. Not as what you like. As your brand.

Marin Davis, Local Collaborative

Show up as your brand, who your brand is, what your brand archetype would say (join The Content Toolkit to figure this out!)

What is it that you so firmly believe in that you would say it whether it attracted the millions or repelled the few?

Your niche audience will support you, buy from you, and send repeat business your way.

Ignite those emotions and lean into creating a legacy.

The people who get just as excited about your brand as you do are your kinda people!


Remember what I said earlier about your logo?

Here we are!

Now that you know what kind of brand you are, it’s time to put that into pictures, fonts and colors.

No matter what keep things clean, as simple as possible, easy to read, understand and visually tell what it is. Place it on white and black backgrounds. Save it in high definition and/or vector images to be seen in print, online and imagine what symbols or emblems you can pull out to use as stand-alones.

What are your fonts going to be and do they all correlate with each other as well as match your brand’s identity?

Our favorite way to portray a brand’s personality begins with the psychological effects from a brand’s colors followed by the emotional appeal pictures or fonts evoke and obvious through our words and messaging.

Every time you publish something on social media, it should be branded.

Every time you do an interview or write, it should follow the rules in your brand book.

Every time your brand serves and delivers to customers, there should be traces of magic and loads of brand consistency. You know how important consistency is? We’ve made it a step all in itself.

Be Consistent

Decide how often you will send out an email or publish a blog then make your audience aware of what to expect.

Consistency breeds brand awareness. The more consistent a brand is with their branding and their strategy of showing up, the more likely a customer is to know, like, trust and buy from you.

Marin Davis, Local Collaborative

Look at the most popular days and times for your audience on your social media platforms and aim for your biggest ticket items on those days. Every other day post under the goals of Entertaining, Educating, Engaging or Promoting.

The deepest foundational pieces of your brand are what’s in your core whether you ever verbatim put that out into the world or not. Create themes and posting pillars from your business and repeat this process every month to build brand consistency.

The psychological effects of consistent brand messaging is too important to pass up. Never be stagnant. Don’t put your social media strategy on the back burner because you get busy. Have a promotional plan so you know what is coming up and use our Content Toolkit to generate fresh ideas.

Room to Grow

At least once a year, do a brand check-up.

What has your audience responded poorly or well to? Adjust your strategy.

Is your audience growing in age, changing in education or family dynamics, or possibly a different gender than you once assumed?

There are no more helpful or valuable sources of information than previous buyers and business insights on your accounts.

Successful businesses understand the shift that’s needed and how often or sparingly to adjust their brand.

(ie: Freeform).

They’re humble enough to realize what could be improved and lean in to that improvement. They’re smart enough to seek feedback and listen to constructive criticism.

Build your business structure and systems in a way that you’re able to grow your team as well as your offerings.

Leave room for possible new business avenues and entry points in your business. If your broad goal is to create bouquets for local businesses and spread happiness through creativity know that you can reach your brand’s mission and expand to new opportunities while staying consistent in your branding.

For this florist, that was not only creating and delivering flowers to local businesses but also offering experiences with friends and families, lessons on building a bouquet and hosting romantic tea parties. Be open to trying new things, learning and redirecting.

Think about the companies who have pigeonholed themselves into branding themselves into a featured product.

It takes a smooth and consistent approach of slowly immersing and turning your audience’s attention to the new picture to make things successfully work.

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Marin Davis

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