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by | May 9, 2023 | Interviews

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Marin Davis of Local Collaborative, a local branding and marketing agency here in Clarksville. She’s got a passion to help small businesses and solopreneurs get their social branding and content looking stellar, congruent, and with the right messaging.

A quick little blurb about Local Collaborative, in case it’s a new name to you. Marin founded Local Collaborative in 2018 with a mission to help small businesses pair simple yet creative design with strong yet clear communication strategies in order to help their marketing succeed.

Local Collaborative offers clients executive-level results with a hometown experience because good marketing doesn’t need to be extravagant in order to be great.

Let’s dive in and hear some of Marin’s story.

TCM: Marin, thanks for taking the time to let us get to know you and your story. To start, could you briefly introduce yourself and tell everyone about yourself and what you do at Local Collaborative?

Thanks for having me, Jordan!

My name is Marin Davis and I’m the Founder of the Branding + Marketing Agency Local Collaborative.

We primarily focus on small businesses and solopreneurs but love how diverse our portfolio is.

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TCM: Can you tell us about what brought you to Clarksville, of all places?

Like a majority of us…the Army, lol. My husband was an Army brat himself and he lived here (in the Clarksville area) twice growing up.

I’m originally from Kansas and my husband and I both agree, Clarksville feels the most like home. We love the amount of small businesses here and the support we’re able to give each other.

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TCM: It’s obvious that you’re passionate about what you do. Can you tell us a bit more about where your interest in helping small businesses with their marketing began and how it developed into what drives you today?

I actually held a few jobs in marketing and advertising prior to striking out on my own.

It was difficult to find a remote-work job, especially since people knew we were military, and military families move so often.

When my job as a Marketing Director came to an end, I knew I wanted to start my own thing; even if I made no money.

I had this vision of blending my marketing degree and branding skills with an ad agency style. I wanted to collab with everyone I’d met in the industry in order to customize client experience.

I also wanted to hire military spouses and stay-at-home moms who sacrifice so many of their own dreams and goals in order to support their families.

TCM: Starting a business at any time is hard. What has been the biggest challenge you have had to overcome and how did it help you both personally and in your business?

There’s a new challenge every week, lol! But hiring people and becoming a mom were two of the MOST challenging and dynamic changes.

After becoming a mom, my time became much more valuable and I wanted to keep my business working FOR ME to support my family… not allowing my family to come second to this.

COVID was difficult, too, because EVERYONE wanted to hold their money close and we all know marketing is typically the first to go from the budget.

I think the positive side of that was everyone soon realized the necessity of having a good brand and social media presence. So it was a blessing in disguise.

9 out of 10 people are very understanding when they hear my kids on a phone call or I bring my infant to a content shoot. I was nervous it would come across as unprofessional and it would upset people, but most have been very complimentary  and supportive of me “doing it all” and usually doing it by myself because of our lifestyle. It’s encouraging to hear that recognition and get that kind of support.

TCM: What would you say to the business (or person) who is wanting to take their marketing and digital communication to the next level but feel stuck or overwhelmed? What should they consider and understand?

We offer so many free tips and resources just for this reason!

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed, whenever you have so many things on your to-do list.

But whenever we have a consultation with someone we take all of the problems they’re facing, and we’re able to prioritize them on a list, which makes it much less overwhelming.

I would say, once you have a solid brand, that answers your questions on what is most important for not only you as a business owner, but also your clients.

Your brand archetype guides your messaging.

Your messaging goes on your website and social platforms.

Your brand archetype creates your color psychology, which is how you show up visually online.

You will not have anything to improve on if you don’t have something published already. So give it your best shot and help your audience by telling them what action you would like them to take.

If anyone has questions, they can feel free to DM us because we offer free consultations to everyone!

TCM: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? (goals for the future, changes, updates or promotions coming, product/services info, a recent big client ‘win’, etc)

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Images courtesy of Marin Davis and Local Collaborative

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