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Our goal is to strengthen your voice and amplify it. It starts with having a solid website, designed to convert. From there, we amplify your message through digital multimedia, like with our service Spinfluence.

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Jordan has been ahead of his time in the digital media game since 2009 (at least that’s what his wife Rebecca says). The very first service he provided to a client over 10 years ago was repurposed, or “spun” audio content.

An international author and radio personality had accumulated audio files from a daily radio segment that were collecting digital dust. So instead of allowing them to be wasted, Jordan mined the gold from the audio files to spin them into animated YouTube videos.

Today, those clips are still getting searched and watched on YouTube daily, building brand awareness and driving traffic for that author – all from content Jordan was hired to create 10 years ago.

THAT, is residual marketing!

What Clients Have Said…

“Great quality! A company that values clients and delivers professionally every time!”

Sacred Life Coaching

from Google

Our experience with Jordan at MulsonMedia and Spinfluence has been incredible! Everything we needed for content and website for our new business he delivered! To see our ideas come to life has been so awesome! Jordan’s eye for detail and his expert knowledge has been unbelievably valuable! Highly recommend all business owners get Spinfluenced!

Sarah A.

from Google

MulsonMedia has been such an asset to our business, KOSS Sauce. Jordan Mulson’s talents and expertise have helped us reach a level that otherwise we would not be at. He has always been available to assist us and answer our many questions. His creativity, expertise and designs are exceptional. We can not thank him enough.

Diana K.

from Facebook

MulsonMedia’s honestly surpassed my expectations with their customer satisfaction and industry knowledge! First of all, most of the ideas they recommended are things that I still have not seen anyone else doing and that’s too bad because it’s really working for me!!! Thanks Jordan!!!

Chad J.

from Facebook