“Chiropractic as it should be: simple.”

Creative Chiropractic Center Sango - Clarksville TN

Creative Chiropractic • Sango Area

590 Fire Station Rd Suite E, Clarksville, TN 37043

Phone: (931) 802-6596

Hours: 2p-8p Mon, Tue, Thu • 10a-6p Wed • 8a-2p Fri

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Helping You Respond To Life

Health comes from your body’s ability to property adapt and respond to life and all its stimuli, stressors and demands. Creative Chiropractic Center wants to reach as many people as possible in our community with quality chiropractic care, which is why we have elected to use the model that we do, and offer care that is truly affordable for ongoing routine maintenance for the entire family!

Hear From Dr. Matt…

“We as chiropractors work primarily with the spine, primarily by hand. We do this because it is the central structure of the body both musculoskeletally, and neurologically.

When we put specific favorable force into the spine, we interrupt some of the musculoskeletal patterns of tension and inflammation that can cause pain, but more importantly we open communication from brain to body, and allow the wisdom that heals the body to pass through uninhibited. This in‐born wisdom is the only thing that ever does heal the body.”

What Patients Have To Say…

“Dr. Matt and Diana are amazing. They have made me feel very at home at Creative Chiropractic. It’s a family atmosphere. The monthly fee is very affordable.”

Jonathan J.

from Google

“Dr. Matt is truly a one of a kind guy! Thank you for always making it personal and treating everyone in their own way!”

Stephen H.

from Google

“I knew I was a mess and needed help from a chiropractor. I walked out of Creative feeling amazing! They’re so kind and knowledgable. I will definitely be going back.”

Tabitha C.

from Facebook

“Excellent care. No long wait. No big sales pitch of all the extras they could do like the other places. Love Dr. Matt and love how good I feel now. Everyone needs this!!”

Lorami F.

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