Did Franklin, TN Parents Truly Act Uncivil and Threaten Experts Or Other Parents?


The Williamson County Board of Education approved the mandate to have elementary school students wear masks, in a special session held last night.


People and parents opposed to the mask mandate for students gathered outside to protest and were chanting, “We will not comply! We will not comply!”


Out of the crowd there was one man inparticular that stood out from the rest. He was angry, yelling, and making “threatening” statements that some news media channels have spun into a generalization of the parents at the event as being “uncivil” and “threatening”.


Later in a separate video, protesters are heard saying, “Let’s keep this peaceful! The news is trying to capture you angry.”


Ultimately the board voted 7-3 to reinstate masks for elementary school students in Williamson County. The special meeting lasted about 4 hours.


What’s most disturbing is how the news media and certain attendees have spun the meeting into a tool being used to cast shade upon the parents who were against the mask mandates for their children.


This is what’s called Agenda Journalism. It’s inciting division. It’s cultivating division. And it’s degrading our country’s unity.




Superintendent Jason Golden expressed last week that he believes masks should be recommended, but not forced or required. This is a balanced approach that respects the personal liberties of BOTH sides.


Since this has become such a divided topic, it really should come down to personal decisions.


The fact that personal governing rights are being removed is concerning. Even more concerning is how many citizens are in support of stripping personal freedoms of other citizens, simply because they personally agree with the information the government presents.


This is a fundamental challenge to the liberty of our country.


We should be STANDING TOGETHER to respect and defend the freedom to have our differences.


The personal rights of EITHER side should NEVER be stripped away.