The Apathecary NAtural Health Center

“Your alternative to modern-day medicine.”

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The APAthecary Natural Health Center • Clarksville, TN

181 Hatcher Ln, Clarksville, TN 37043

Phone: (931) 342-3755

Hours: Sun 12pm-5pm • Mon/Tue 10am-5pm • Wed 10am-4pm • Thu 10am-7pm • Fri 9am-5pm

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Giving You Health Options

Anthony Apa, PharmD, CFMP, is a functional and alternative medicine specialist at The Apathecary Natural Health Center, a telehealth practice in Clarksville, Tennessee, providing homeopathy and natural approaches to health issues virtually and in the office. Using personal experience, Dr. Apa offers an in-depth look at medical conditions, taking into account the underlying causes, lifestyle factors, and stressors that might contribute to your well-being.

Hear The Apathecary Story…

The Apathecary Natural Health Center in Clarksville, Tennessee, offers an effective alternative to modern-day conventional medicine. Anthony Apa, PharmD, CFMP, specializes in functional medicine and integrative therapies to find and treat the root causes of patients’ health and wellness problems.

Services available at The Apathecary Natural Health Center include bio-identical hormone evaluations, fertility optimizing, gut healing, chronic disease management, and nutritional medicine. These natural medicine approaches support people of all ages at every stage of life, from pregnant women and newborns to the oldest members of the community.

What Patients Have To Say…

“Dr. Apa is very gentle and his knowledge is vast and comprehensive. He has made me feel hopeful and encouraged that I can help my body function optimally and naturally, despite my trauma.”

Julie G.

from Google

“Since taking the adrenal support from The Apathecary, my adrenal crisis episodes have vanished. I do not get migraines, nausea, or any other symptom due to imbalanced hormones.”

Melanie M.

from Facebook

“So far, I’m feeling very confident with Dr. Apa. He was incredibly thorough and is addressing my issues and adamant about getting to the root cause. He was so very patient and caring and really helped me through some of my emotions.”

Amanda M.

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“Dr. Apa has been the most trusted doctor I’ve ever had. He truly has sought to understand my issues and ailments and tackled the root cause head on.”

Debra K.

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