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You Have A Story… We’ll Make Sure Clarksville Knows About It!

Customers want to hear your story through engaging content that’s shared by their friends, influencers and other locals. Let us tell your story in a way that locals will love. Then we’ll sprinkle in targeted paid traffic – courtesy of our in-house ad buyer – to make sure it gets the attention you deserve.

✅ What You’re Getting:

  • Professionally written and designed advertorial that’s created for the active, social media-savvy market.
  • Published on ClarksvilleMessenger.com as a featured local story.
  • Paid and organic promotion across social media to targeted audiences of the Greater Clarksville and surrounding communities.
  • Consulting from our ad buyer to assist you in maximizing desired conversions.
  • Guaranteed visibility with targeted audiences that live, work and play here. (monthly impressions: Engage 15k, Impact 35k, Influence 80k)

❌ What You’re Avoiding:

  • Content Planning and Writing
  • Finding good creatives or journalists to produce your content.
  • Trying to learn how to do Facebook or Instagram Ads or other paid advertising or hiring someone to do it.
  • Ad Agency costs (often $1,500 minimum per month).
  • Wasting ad spend on ineffective banner ads and generic impressions.
  • Pressure to continually increase budget and spend more.
  • Contracts or Spending Agreements

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